If you meet the study criteria, you'll need to attend regular study visits and will receive:
♦ Investigational drug being studied for RA at no cost
♦ Study-related visits and lab tests at no cost
Compensation up to $640 for you time and travel
Are you taking medication
for your
Rheumatoid Arthriits (RA),
but still have symptoms like
Joint Pain
If so, take action and explore
your options
  You may be eligible if you are: *at least 18yrs old *Tried other RA medications but still have joint pain, swelling and stiffness *were recently diagnosed with RA.
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Are you at least 18 years old and have a
confirmed diagnosis of adult-onset RA ?

Do you have moderate to severe RA activity?

Have you had regular use of Methotrexate for at
least 3 months?

* Required

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